See what our clients are saying about their experience with Noni Pace.

In 2010 we purchased our second home in Bay Harbor, Michigan. We had the opportunity to meet Noni Pace, who helped us achieve our vision of a warm, cozy cottage in the woods of Bay Harbor. We described what we thought would be our perfect happy place, and she came through 100%.
Noni is a talented designer who gives you her creativity, knowledge of design, and then tops it off with the wow factor. When we walked into our finished home, it simply took our breath away. We still feel that way every time we unlock the door and enter our cottage.
We have become not only clients, but friends, over the past five years.”
— Teri & Steve Barkin
Noni Pace did an amazing job of giving us a lake house that is a happy place and a forever place. She finds balance in her designs and color, and knows the Up North feel of living. I would highly recommend her to, as she did with us, fill your home with it’s own personality.
— John & Kathleen Beilein